1 6 7 5 2 3 4 8 GRASS hinge systems offer the perfect movement solution for almost any application. Hinge systems for trade Tiomos The overall aspiration of the range leaves nothing to be desired. Tiomos hinge system for all standard and special applications. Nexis The versatile hinge system. Finely tuned movement systems. Functionality meets high operating comfort. Single-pivot hinges Wide-opening solid metal hinges for individual or continuous cabinet construction. Space-saving. Flexible. Functional. 034 073 107 121 221 289 Tiomos M series The comfortable hinge generation for greater freedom in design. For mirrored doors, glass doors, thin doors and much more. Tiomos Hidden The concealed hinge system for sophisticated furniture design. Available for wood and aluminium frame doors. Flap hinge The functional movement solution integrates beautifully into elegant furniture with drinks compartment flaps. 33