Innovation and tradition

We are pioneers.

Innovation and tradition

GRASS has always been a pioneer in the furniture industry. From the first concealed hinge to the invention of the double-wall drawer, the history of GRASS has been shaped by visionary engineering expertise and countless groundbreaking products.


Kinvaro T-Slim. The multi-award-winning, concealed flap system.

"Never stand still and always think one step ahead. For us, movement means setting the pace and inspiring our customers."

Andreas Marosch - Marketingleiter - GRASS Group

Vionaro V8.
Anything. But. Ordinary.

75 years of pioneering spirit

Innovations for exclusive furniture.

2022: Vionaro V8. The thinnest steel frame in the world.

With the Slim Drawer System, just 8 millimetres thin, GRASS heralds the next generation of drawers.

2019: Kinvaro T-Slim. The revolution in flap fittings.

The invisible flap system will be presented at Interzum.

2016: Tipmatic Soft-close. The solved paradox.

The mechanical opening system combines handle-free opening with gentle closing and can be optionally retrofitted.

2015: Nova Pro Scala. The spectacular relaunch of a classic.

Nova Pro is right on the pulse. In particular, the new Crystal Plus frame drawer with patented click technology revolutionises the glass drawer.

2013: Vionaro V13. The timeless design classic.

Presentation of the Vionaro double-walled designer drawer based on the proven Dynapro slide.

2010: Tiomos. The first hinge with invisible damping.

Development of Tiomos, the world's first hinge with integrated, adjustable soft-close damping.

2009: Dynapro. World première of the first, fully-synchronised slide system for wooden drawers.

2004: Soft-close. The first hinge damping system.

For the first time, Nexis hinges can be optionally extended with the soft-close damping system.

1989: The world's first double-walled drawer system in presented.

1972: World première of the first roller carriage slide.

1963: Development of the world's first concealed all-metal hinge.

1947: GRASS is founded in Höchst, Austria

Innovation and tradition

Whether unique movement systems or elegant opening systems for handle-free fronts: Our fascinating inventions are sustainably changing the world of furniture today - just like they always have.


The perfect movement is green.


High-tech made in Austria.