Nova Pro Platform.

Whether you use the diversity of Nova Pro Scala or the compact range of Nova Pro One, or both combined – our Nova Pro platform offers maximum differentiation.


The difference between modular systems and a true platform concept is that all variants of a platform are compatible. This is what makes the Nova Pro platform unique, because you can combine everything with everything else - from the drawer slide to the accessories.

Full compatibility: One drawer slide. Nine nominal lengths. Two weight classes. Two decors. Three inset panels. Six colours.* Two opening systems. Soft-close.

* Nova Pro One is only available in the standard colours Stone, Ice and Silver.


Configure your own personal Nova Pro range from a variety of options.


The basis for everything: A legendary drawer slide.

The common denominator of our Nova Pro drawer platform is the Nova Pro drawer slide, proven a million times over.

Choose from nine nominal lengths and two weight classes.

Whether large drawers with a lot of load capacity or rather small drawers with little load capacity – Nova Pro offers the perfect solution for every application:


Two designs. Two ranges. One goal: Differentiation.

On the one hand, an iconic design line with the greatest variability; on the other, a newcomer with a compact range.


The overview shows the whole spectrum of possibilities.

Diversity has a name: Nova Pro. With Nova Pro Scala and Nova Pro One, the globally unique drawer platform offers two different concepts that complement each other perfectly.


There are countless good reasons.

Nova Pro is a unique, holistic drawer platform that not only offers maximum differentiation, but above all uses synergies to make the furniture manufacturing process more efficient.

Adjustment and assembly always work the same way.

Adjustments and assembly are not only identical on Nova Pro Scala and Nova Pro One, they are quick and easy to use. This saves training time and ensures perfect results every time.

Two decors and two ranges for different product lines or market segments.

Same bottom and back panel dimensions.

Everything is compatible.

From drawer runners to drilling patterns, front connections to opening systems and interior accessories – with Nova Pro, everything is mutually compatible.

Movement technology proven millions of times over.

Under Nova Pro Scala and Nova Pro One, the proven Nova Pro drawer slide ensures excellent running characteristics and maximum reliability.

Fewer parts. Less complexity. More efficiency.

Whether in a fully automated production process or in a craft workshop – with Nova Pro you save time and money.

Same furniture fronts for Nova Pro Scala and Nova Pro One.

Standardisation is the key to efficient processes. It's good that you can combine both Nova Pro systems with the same fronts and identical accessories.

High-tech made in Austria.

Nova Pro drawers are branded products that are manufactured in Austria.


Whether Nova Pro Scala or Nova Pro One – you get the best drawers in the world.

Over the years, Nova Pro has become synonymous with double-wall drawers. The quality, stability and smooth running of the movement systems have a proven track record and are still unmatched today.


Nova Pro Scala.

The synonym for double-wall drawers.


Nova Pro One...

The little brother of Nova Pro Scala with light reflector and compact range.