Vionaro V13.

The perfection of the right angle.

Beauty, attention to detail, precision in movement, perfect industrial production. Hardly any other system combines balanced, emotive aspects as harmoniously as Vionaro V13.


13 millimetres.

Perfect design needs nothing added.

Minimalist, refined look.

A clear shape, sleek design and high-quality materials - the pure elegance of Vionaro makes all living areas look equally good.

Interior Accessories by Elbau

Function + perfect form = Vionaro

A statement for exclusive interior design.

When you open the innovative Vionaro drawer system, you are standing in front of a movement system vision that has come to life.


Plenty of good reasons to choose Vionaro V13.

Systematic stability.

Thanks to the torsion-free drawer sides and the additional stabiliser, elegant, high fronts up to 780 millimetres are no problem.

4D adjustment.

Stepless side, height and tilt angle adjustment integrated into the drawer side as well as an optional depth adjustment enable perfect alignment.

Perfect movement.

With Dynapro, the fully synchronised slide system, Vionaro V13 uses the same base as wooden drawers. The system impresses with excellent running characteristics with load capacities of up to 70 kg.

Easy to assemble

The carefully thought-out details allow for effortless assembly and save valuable time.

Maximum operating comfort when opening and closing.

The Soft-close damper technology with the proven track record and the Sensomatic and Tipmatic Soft-close opening systems ensure that the drawer is opened and closed elegantly.

Red Dot Award Winner.

In 2014, Vionaro V13 was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.



Vionaro is an immediate example of graceful lightness. If you think that steel is a rigid and cool material, you might be surprised by its emotional expressiveness.

Standard colour


Standard colour


5 frame heights for maximum flexibility.


Vionaro features the best of Dynapro.

The synchronised concealed slide system with its high load-bearing capacities becomes a unique symbiosis of function and design in combination with Vionaro.

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Everything perfectly sorted.



Powerful. Precise. Excellent running characteristics. Proven millions of times.