Kinvaro T- Slim

The rotary flap system is the thinnest and most efficient fitting we have ever developed. Invisible. Secure. Precise.


Thanks to the extremely slim design of Kinvaro T-Slim, all functional parts integrate flush into the cabinet wall.

The result is a wall cabinet with invisible technology and maximum space.


12 Millimeter

As slim as a USB plug


Super. Slim. T-Slim.

The complex mechanics of the rotary fitting have been reduced to a size of just 12 mm. Thanks to this engineering, the rotary fitting can be integrated into the sidewall from a cabinet wall thickness of 16 mm.


It's all a question of perspective.

Wall cabinets are mounted at eye level. And who wants to stare at prominent technical components when it's really about the content of the cabinets. Everything that is not part of the furniture is distracting. That's why Kinvaro T-Slim relies on understated elegance. In addition, the new flap system features extremely undemanding space requirements. All the more space for storing your things. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, office, living room or bedroom - everything you need can be stored here. The flap fitting that creates additional storage space can be used well here.



"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Design by Stefan Ambrozus

Clarity, monolithic elegance and sculptural sensuality. The design of Kinvaro T-Slim has everything a design classic needs. Stefan Ambrozus has given the flap system a clear, minimalist form that will outlast time and trends. In the spirit of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Reduced to the essentials. But not just that. With Kinvaro T-Slim, the designer from Cologne has succeeded in creating a timelessly beautiful design object whose elegant, purist aesthetics have a lasting change on the nature of flap fittings.

Linear levers, conical shapes, rounded corners with large radii - the striking shape of the flap joint is memorable.


When mechanics becomes a fascination.

Kinvaro T-Slim offers a fascinating detailed spectacle of kinetics. The Kinvaro T-Slim flap joint is a mechanical masterpiece made of nickel-plated steel.


The ideal storage space is transverse.

Whereas high wall units with high flap fronts used to be the norm, designers today are increasingly returning to horizontal formats. How great that we are able to provide a unique motion system for this very application: Kinvaro T-Slim.


Reduce the sidewall thickness to 16 mm. Pull in narrow intermediate walls or create transparency. Whether inset or screwed on, handle-free or soft-close, wood, MDF or aluminium frames, Kinvaro T-Slim provides everything that gets a designer's heart fluttering.

Let your creativity run wild.


A powerful trio for greater versatility.

Open once, double access.

For cabinet widths over 1,200 mm, we recommend that you plan in an additional Kinvaro T-Slim fitting. This creates a powerful trio that increases the load capacity of the flap system by 50 %.


Transparency is one of the great design trends of our time.

While it may appear that transparency has not established itself as a stylistic device in modern architecture, it has long since been a central topic in furniture construction. Open shelves, display cases, glass fronts - "storing" has given way to a kind of "showcasing". As a result, aluminium frame fronts with glass infill are becoming increasingly important. Kinvaro T-Slim can play out its unique properties to the full in combination with aluminium frame fronts. Unobtrusive. Elegant. Attractive.

Inset or screwed on? It doesn't matter.

A simple adapter turns the integrable T-Slim fitting into a classic screw-on version. Without losing the elegant and light character. Quite the opposite. A glance into the open flap cabinet is enough to see that the Kinvaro T-Slim is extremely space-saving with its narrow design of just 12 mm.


Cover cap.

Conspicuously inconspicuous. Either inconspicuously tone-on-tone with the cabinet, or deliberately contrasting. No matter which variant you choose, the cover cap can be installed easily and without tools.

In addition to the standard colours offered, it is also possible to paint the cover cap and adapt it to the respective cabinet colour.


Reasons to love the Kinvaro T-Slim.

Kinvaro T-Slim is a highly functional flap system that combines space-saving aesthetics with maximum stability.

Flap holds securely in any position.

If you do not want to open the front completely, you can open it as far as you like. The flap stays securely in the position you choose.

Lowest opening resistance.

It has hardly ever been easier to set a rotary flap in motion. The drawer seems to open by itself.

Soft-close inside.

A proven track record: Elegant and gently dampened closing thanks to the integrated damping system.

Infinitely adjustable spring force.

In order for the front to move as easily and elegantly as possible, the spring force must be precisely adjusted. With Kinvaro T-Slim, this can be done easily from the front.

Maximum stability.

The robust metal housing makes the Kinvaro T-Slim an elegant force to be reckoned with in the smallest space. The flap joint made of nickel-plated steel also ensures perfect transmission of forces. Secure. Precise. Reliable.

Simple click-mounting of the front.

Even heavy fronts can be quickly and safely connected to the flap joint using a clip without tools.

3D adjustment for perfect alignment.

Dampers can be switched on and off.

Ideal for optimally adapting the closing process to the size and weight of the flap front.

Three energy storing mechanisms.

The requirements for a flap fitting are as versatile as the various front formats that are moved by it. For Kinvaro T-Slim, three energy storing mechanisms with different power factors provide enough energy reserves.

Tipmatic for handle-free use.

A gentle tap is enough to make the front of the flap swivels up by about 30°.

Featuring Kinvaro T-Slim

Tiomos Hidden.

With Tiomos Hidden and Kinvaro T-Slim, unprecedented, almost completely transparent furniture designs can be realised.


Fold. Swivel. Lift. Rotate.

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