Interior accessory

Tavinea Sorto.

Frame profiles for cutlery drawers.

Simple. Attractive. Tidy.

Everything perfectly sorted.

There are products that complement one another almost perfectly - merging into a unit as soon as they are combined. For TAVINEA Sorto, this phenomenon can be observed whenever a GRASS drawer that is equipped with the smart interior accessoriy system is opened.

Because the material, shape, colour and surface are not just similar - they are identical. In fact, they are made of the same steel and coated with the same powder. In other words, the two are truly one.


Everything organised

An oasis of well-being for your cutlery.

TAVINEA interior accessories and GRASS drawers are made for each other. The shape, dimensions, material and colour are perfectly matched.


Three elements - one goal: Organisation

Two frame elements, one length divider. Nothing more. Everything you need to get organised. TAVINEA Sorto can be arranged and moved inside the drawer however you like. The length divider and frame elements are arranged more or less intuitively. This allows you to create compartments where you need them, regardless of the width of the drawer. Sounds simple. And it is.


Flexibly arranged.

Thanks to the modular system and dimensions perfectly matched to the stored materials, a huge variety of arrangement options are available with just a few elements. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or office - the arbitrary positioning of the elements makes TAVINEA Sorto an extremely flexible system for your home.


TAVINEA Sorto has a unique, functional aesthetic effect. It does away with unnecessary elements and focuses on its actual purpose: to organise the contents of drawers. The elegant interior accessories demonstrate an impressive and minimalist design and a fundamental system that could not be more straightforward.

The high-quality frame elements are made of 6 mm slim metal profiles with a modern, graphic design that makes the TAVINEA Sorto a functional eye-catcher.

Tidiness can be attractive

TAVINEA Sorto combines order and aesthetics in a wonderful way.

Andreas Marosch
GRASS Head of Marketing

The best

Sorto fits in all drawers moved by GRASS.

TAVINEA interior accessories and GRASS drawers are made for each other. The shape, dimensions, material and colour are perfectly matched.

Nova Pro Scala

Vionaro V8

Vionaro V13

Nova Pro One


Accessories for your cutlery drawers.

Knife blocks, foil roll holders, spice racks or slide elements – matching accessories are what make TAVINEA Sorto the perfect package for inside the home. The practical accessories not only look great, they also create the perfect ergonomic conditions for optimal storage and easy removal of your stored items.

High-quality materials, masterful craftsmanship, perfect workmanship - TAVINEA accessories are design pieces with functional added value. The elegant wooden parts create order and facilitate working in your kitchen. Everything has its place and is always to hand. Whether natural ash or black ash - whatever wood colour you choose - TAVINEA Sorto always has a dynamic and vibrant impact thanks to the material mix of metal and wood.


Kitchen roll dispenser

Aluminium foil, cellophane film or baking paper: Pull out, tear off, done.


Knife block

Always at hand and safe. A home for your knives.



Spice jars and tins are clearly arranged and ready to hand.



Variable compartments wherever you need them.

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