Powerful. Precise. Excellent running characteristics. Proven millions of times.


Silent. Weightless. Invisible.

Over the years, Dynapro has become synonymous with the perfect drawer movement. The quality, reliability, stability and smoothness of the concealed slide, tried and tested millions of times over, are state-of-the-art to this day.


Dynapro is the embodiment of exceptionally easy opening, excellent running characteristics, minimum drawer deflection and outstanding reliability. Its elegance, power and precise functionality have made Dynapro one of the world's most successful concealed slides for full extensions.


It's all about what's under your drawer.

Dynapro is a concealed system, which means that a concealed slide under the drawer ensures smooth opening and closing. While concealed slides cannot be seen, they are critical to the way that drawers move.

Take a look. If you're lucky, your drawers will be moved by Dynapro too.


Excellent running characteristics.

Thanks to the mechanically synchronised slide rails, Dynapro drawers move without intrusive noise or resistance. Dynapro makes drawers almost float. Even under the highest loads, the excellent running characteristics remain constant - abrasion-resistant plastic rollers ensure a smooth, even glide.


Wood or steel. It doesn't matter.

Whether a wooden drawer, Vionaro V8 or Vionaro V13 - Dynapro makes every drawer float silently.


Drawers opened and closed up to 25 times a day without having to think about it - that is reliable performance moved by Dynapro.


Everyday life made fun. Moved by Dynapro.

The elegant and smooth movement design of Dynapro makes opening and closing of your drawers a special experience every time.

For as long as the furniture lasts.


The full-extension slide provides full access.

Everything is always to hand. Thanks to the three-part Dynapro slide rail, you can pull your drawers completely out of the furniture cabinet and always maintain full access to the entire contents.


Design freedom.

Your ideas will love Dynapro. Because Dynapro is the perfect solution for pretty much everything that should move in furniture. Thanks to the concealed and integrated adjustment technology, you can let your creativity run wild.


One system for all living spaces.

Dynapro is the perfect solution for fitting kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture with the same slide system. Whether under wooden drawers or in combination with the pure, elegant design of Vionaro V8 - Dynapro neatly ties areas of the home together.

The WOW factor even in a homely atmosphere: Dynapro and V8. At the top, the subtle, discreet 8 millimetre frame. And underneath - the slide that has been tried and tested millions of times over.

Dynapro and Vionaro V8 demonstrate just how well the interplay between drawer and slide system can be in modern furniture design.


There are countless good reasons.

Dynapro is a great slide system that you can expect to work perfectly from the first to the last day. That's what we mean by reliable performance. For as long as the furniture lasts.

Red Dot Design Award Winner.

In 2010, Dynapro was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Movement technology tried and tested millions of times over.

The quality, stability and smoothness of the concealed slide, which has a proven track record, remain state-of-the-art.

Synchronised full-extension slide.

Thanks to the mechanically synchronised Dynapro slide rails, drawers move without intrusive noise or resistance. That's what sets Dynapro apart.

Excellent running characteristics.

Dynapro makes drawers float almost silently. This elegant and smooth movement makes opening and closing a special experience every time.

Extremely low opening forces.

With Dynapro, the drawer seems to open by itself. A small pull is enough to set drawers in motion.

Up to 70 kg load capacity.

Dynapro is a force to be reckoned with. Load capacities of up to 70 kg are no problem for the system.

Reliability - For the entire life of the furniture.

We tend to hold on to furniture for about ten years, kitchens for as long as twenty. That's a long time. And you can expect a high-quality movement system to function perfectly from the first day to the last.

4D adjustment.

Thanks to the integrated 4D adjustment technology of Dynapro, drawer fronts can be aligned with millimetre precision and inserted into the reveal with pinpoint accuracy.

Compatible with all opening systems.

With Tipmatic, Tipmatic Soft-close and Sensomatic, there's the perfect solution for every living area: mechanical, electric or combined.

Soft-close inside.

The damping system, with a proven track record, has revolutionised the closing of furniture and stands for special ease of movement. Of course also with Dynapro.

LGA tested.

Dynapro holds more than you think. Even endurance tests with more than 100,000 cycles each at maximum load are handled effortlessly by the slide certificate system.


Combine Dynapro with our unique comfort systems. And your everyday life will be a pleasure.

Handle-free Dynapro drawers opened by lightly tapping or closed with gentle damping or both combined - our opening and damping systems, tried and tested millions of times over, make opening and closing your drawers a joy.

Soft-close inside.

Close Dynapro gently.

Opening System


You can't open handle-free drawers more elegantly: electronically assisted with Sensomatic.

A unique platform.

Dynapro offers a comprehensive assortment of drawer slides in all common nominal lengths and with a load capacity of up to 70 kg. The fact that the slide systems not only move wooden drawers easily, but are also compatible with the Vionaro V8 and Vionaro V13 metal drawer systems, makes the Dynapro platform unique worldwide. In addition, there are three opening systems: Tipmatic, Tipmatic Soft-close and Sensomatic, and TAVINEA provides the perfect interior layout.


The ideal combination: Above Vionaro. Below Dynapro.

Vionaro drawers and Dynapro slides are designed for each other. They complement each other to create a unique mix of design, technology and performance. You'll be thrilled.


Vionaro V13.

Minimalist visual design. Stunning straight lines. Technology that's been proven millions of times. This is V13.

Slim Drawer System

Vionaro V8.

The world's only recyclable steel drawer. 8 millimetres thin with up to 16% more storage space.


4D adjustment technology for a perfect reveal.

Height, side, tilt angle and depth adjustment can be made without tools at Dynapro. All adjustment levers and wheels are easy to access and handle. In short, you can achieve optimal alignment with just a few tweaks. Technology really can be that simple.

Side adjustment ±1.5 mm

By turning the green adjustment wheel on both sides, you can optimally adjust the front gap and ensure a perfect reveal.

Height adjustment +3.5 mm

Vertical alignment of the drawer front can be made precisely without tools using the large green adjustment wheel of the front locking device. Please note: The adjustment must be made on both sides.

Depth adjustment Up to +3.5 mm

The depth adjustment can optionally be retrofitted without tools by simply clipping onto the front locking and is just as easy to operate by turning on both sides.

Tilt angle adjustment +4 mm

The tilt angle adjustment is made via the two adapters that are mounted on the left and right of the back panel of the drawer. Turning the green lever raises the whole rear drawer and the front tilts. Please note: The adjustment must be made on both sides.


The result: Optimally aligned fronts and uniform reveals.

Every piece of furniture, every kitchen is also a design piece. And the effect produced is enhanced or diminished by the precision of alignment. Every little inaccuracy is immediately obvious. Fortunately, Dynapro enables precision alignment for fronts in four dimensions.


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Everything perfectly sorted.



Everything in its place. Optimally secured.

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