We stand for quality.


Technical precision, durability, functionality, design and environmental consciousness all come together to form a highly sophisticated quality standard.

For us, quality means ensuring that each movement system always meets the same reliable standards, so that each individual system fulfils the high demands. That's why only one thing counts for our experienced teams when it comes to quality: To ensure that GRASS products continue setting the standard in future through their quality and excellence across the board when it comes to technology, design, reliability and longevity.

"We recognise our responsibility to provide customers with the outstanding product quality they expect."

Werner Elender


Quality begins with development.

Ideas can only become innovations if they can be produced in series at the highest level. Our engineers rely on all the benefits of modern development and production technology to manufacture these product ideas. Production and development departments work closely together across locations to guarantee the continuous optimisation of all production processes.

State-of-the-art machinery helps our highly qualified employees to create outstanding products. This includes state-of-the-art production lines, cutting-edge welding robots and automatic punching machines which, with a pressing force of several tonnes, can form the thickest sheet metal and feed the parts directly into the automatic assembly line without any further post-processing. Numerous testing and control stations integrated into the production lines use SPC (Statistical Process Control) to monitor consistent quality excellence, which forms the basis for a high level of customer satisfaction.

Furkan Gümüs

We produce tens of thousands of movement systems in our plants every day. To ensure that these systems meet our high quality management requirements, each product line is thoroughly tested on site. With 3D instruments for measuring profiles, climate chambers, tensile testing machines and optical tactile instruments for measuring rigid, elastically deformable plastics, and our own toolmaking shop for producing complex tools, we leave nothing to chance.

"Ensuring quality requires particular qualities."

Hasantha De Silva
Quality Management 

High internal standards, test procedures based on DIN and LGA as well as tests by independent institutes ensure systematic quality assurance. Quality is in our DNA.


The perfect movement is green.

Innovation and tradition

One step ahead of the future.

Pioneering spirit has a long tradition at GRASS. Our innovations attest to this most aptly.