The drawer

Nova Pro Scala.

The embodiment of exceptionally easy opening, excellent running characteristics, minimum drawer deflection and outstanding reliability.


Inspiration at the right angle.

The minimalist design with its striking lines, right angles and small radii gives the double-wall metal drawer sides a timeless, functional elegance.

It is not a drawer. It is a Nova Pro.

Over the years, Nova Pro has become synonymous with double-wall drawers. The quality, stability and smooth running of the movement systems have a proven track record and are still unmatched today. Therefore, the name Nova Pro alone creates a certain expectation, which must be validated with each individual product.


With the clarity of an icon.

Nova Pro is a piece of contemporary history. Its unique character is based on the principles of minimalist clarity and perfection down to the last detail - from the precise production of each individual component down to the colour and finish, everything is aimed at achieving perfect function, top quality and sustainability.


Making opening and closing fun.

Thanks to the mechanically synchronised slide rails, your Nova Pro moves without intrusive noise or resistance. It appears to float silently. This elegant and smooth movement makes opening and closing Nova Pro drawers a special experience.

Crystal Plus

Ingenious solution: The glass drawer for full visibility

Never amiss with glass. The 186 mm high Crystal Plus glass drawer certainly ranks as one of the most ingenious inventions in GRASS's history. It is made of one piece and is delivered ready-to-install.

This makes the Crystal Plus drawer the world's only frame drawer with over 1,100 cm² of lateral transparency. In short, Crystal Plus not only brings you aesthetic advantages, but above all, full visibility, greater free space and greater stability.


See everything. Find everything.

In combination with the Nova Pro Scala glass drawer, the Crystal glass inner front that is just 8 mm thick reveals its very special appeal. Its three-sided, transparent design makes inset drawers appear light and open. Nothing is hidden from you.

Fitting tall cabinets with drawers is a current trend. Great that Nova Pro offers the perfect solution for these applications: elegant and extremely slender glass inner fronts.


There are countless good reasons

Nova Pro Scala is a great drawer system that you can expect to work perfectly from the first to the last day. That's what we mean by reliable performance. For as long as the furniture lasts.

German Design Award Winner 2016.

Lowest opening resistance

Nova Pro is extremely easy to open. The drawer seems to open by itself.

One-piece solid metal drawer side.

Nova Pro Scala is a pure steel drawer side. All components are connected to each other using the latest laser welding technology.

100 % recyclable.

Unique running characteristics.

The mechanically synchronised drawer system is famous for its weightless operation without intrusive noise or resistance.

Movement technology with a proven track record.

Nova Pro is one of the most successful double-walled full extension slides in the world.

Holistic drawer platform for maximum differentiation.

High-tech made in Austria.

Nova Pro Scala is a branded product manufactured in Austria.

Colours and Surfaces

Discover the revolution in colours. Nova Pro Scala offers new effect powder coatings and high-tech surfaces for greater climate protection. Choose from four standard colours and two special colours.

Standard colour


Standard colour


Standard colour


Standard colour


Special colour


Special colour



Designer panels as an upgrade for differentiation.

Being able to change the aesthetic perception of a drawer when it is installed - that would be innovative, we thought. And with the supplementary designer panels from Nova Pro Scala, this idea has become a reality. Thanks to the right-angled shape of the Scala drawer side, the L profiles are not only easy to apply, they also offer a whole cornucopia of new design options.

Art by Valcucine.
Printed designer panel.


Each Nova Pro is a small work of art.

Design thrives on inspiration. And what could be more natural than to be inspired by contemporary works of art or classics of modernity to create new, unusual design ideas for individual Nova Pro upgrades. Here you will find a small but exclusive gallery of options.

THE EYE Inspired by the works of the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition Printed designer panel


Art of motion.

Art by Valcucine.
Art by Valcucine.

CRYSTAL PLUS Special colour Zircon Label printing

GEOMETRICA Inspired by the works of the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition Printed designer panel

TRALERIGHE Inspired by ANTONIOLUPI Inlay covered in canvas

ZEBRAPHIC Designed by Harald Klüh Printed glass inlay

The drawer


No other drawer system offers you more options.

Opening and damping systems

Nova Pro Scala comfort systems. To make your everyday life a pleasure.

Handle-free Nova Pro drawers opened by lightly tapping or closed with gentle damping or both combined - our opening and damping systems, with their proven track record, make opening and closing your drawers a pleasure.

Soft-close inside.

Close Nova Pro Scala gently.

Opening system


You can't open handle-free drawers more elegantly: electronically assisted with Sensomatic.

A unique platform.

Nova Pro offers a globally unique, holistic drawer platform with five drawer side heights, which are made of one piece. In addition to the box drawers, the range includes a railing drawer, a railing Plus glass add-on and the Crystal Plus glass drawer - each available in six colours. Various matching inset panels and steel rear walls are available. In addition, there are four comfort systems and, with TAVINEA, the perfect interior design to choose from.


Find the perfect internal divisions for Nova Pro Scala.

TAVINEA offers carefully thought-out and lovingly designed internal dividing systems to organise your Nova Pro Scala drawers.


Tavinea Sorto.

Everything perfectly sorted.


Tavinea Optima

Everything in its place. Optimally secured.


We knew that we could shape beautiful products out of steel. Now you know it too.

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