Discover the drawer of a new era

Thinner Better Sturdier Thinner than ever.

The world's first 8 millimetres one-piece steel drawer side. Breathtakingly beautiful. Monolithic - designed for eternity. Uniquely individual - just like you.

This is Vionaro V8.



The importance of design.

Thinner, better, more stable. "Reduce to the max" is the design principle and requirement for all aspects of the Vionaro V8.

Crystal clear.

Never amiss with glass. The 200 mm high glass drawer of the Vionaro V8 certainly ranks as one of the most ingenious inventions in GRASS's history.

Uniquely different.

Brand products live on their distinctive features and ability to be recognised. That's what we've created with the exceptional positioning of the branding clip.

"Good design is as little design as possible."

Dieter Rams

The ultimate storage space.

The extremely slim design and the continuous rectangular shape ensure maximum space utilisation.

Designed for eternity.

100% laser-welded steel. 0% plastic. We make no compromises when it comes to robustness, quality and reliability.

8 millimetres that change the furniture world.

Until recently, the very idea of reducing a drawer side to 8 mm - and, moreover, making industrial production commercially viable - would have been technically unthinkable. With the Vionaro V8, we are turning this vision into a reality.

WOW factor.

The Vionaro V8 slim drawer system is surprisingly different and immediately catches the eye. Its exceptional look gives every piece of furniture a WOW factor.

One system for all living areas.

With Vionaro V8, GRASS offers the perfect solution for fitting kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture with the same drawer system. The purist, elegant design of Vionaro V8 ties areas of the home together.

The result? Magical.

Say hello to a drawer that is unique
in every way.

German Design Award Winner.

Sustainable efficiency.

The Vionaro V8 offers sustainable efficiency and process benefits at all levels.

One-piece solid metal drawer side.

It delivers maximum stability and durability while ensuring a recycling rate of almost 100%.

100 % recyclable.

Sustainable is the new normal.

A world first.

The 8 mm steel drawer has long been the first true innovation and guarantees our customers a significant competitive edge.

The slimmest steel drawer side ever.

At just 8 mm thick, GRASS is turning this vision into a reality.

16 % more storage space.

The less space occupied by hardware, the more that remains for storage.

High-tech made in Austria.

High-quality movement systems manufactured in Austria.


Colours redefined. Revolutionary effect powder coatings with new high-tech surfaces for greater climate protection. 3 standard colours and 3 special colours.

Standard colour


Standard colour


Standard colour


Special colour


Special colour


Special colour



Steel has never looked so good.

Do you have to be able to customise a timelessly beautiful drawer system like Vionaro V8? You don't have to. But you can.

Whether inlay, sheathing or aluminium cover - the various V8 upgrades can be conveniently added at any time. For the designer, this means maximum design freedom. For the brand, maximum differentiation.


Instead of glass, you can of course use other design elements in the V8 Crystal drawer side. Wood, aluminium or ceramic, imprinted or not imprinted – with the right inlay, V8 drawers can be perfectly adapted to any style of furniture.


A completely new and particularly interesting way to make a V8 drawer distinctive is to cover it with a sheathing element. The resulting horizontal division of the V8 drawer sides opens up unprecedented options for customisation. Anything is possible: Two colours, a new material mix, contrasts or individual imprints. The design covers are laid over the railing in a form-fitting way and are anchored in the profile of the drawer side.


Completely new and unique colour and material combinations can be achieved with the elegant cover elements made of aluminium across all drawer side heights.


Endless possibilities.

5 drawer side heights and a glass drawer. From cooker plinth drawer H72 for limited installation heights to the classic H89, intermediate height H121 and high drawer H200 through to H250 for particularly high closure requirements - Vionaro V8 is as versatile as our customers' furniture.

A unique drawer platform.

All versions at a glance.


V8 features the best of Dynapro.

The synchronised concealed slide system with its high load-bearing capacities, becomes a unique symbiosis of function and design in combination with the V8.

Interior accessories

Tavinea. The perfect interior for V8.


Everything perfectly sorted.


Everything in its place. Optimally secured.

Anything. But. Ordinary.

Explore the teaser book and product catalogue.

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