Total comfort without electronics.

Handle-free opening by lightly tapping and gentle, damped closing are optimally combined in Tipmatic Soft-close, the purely mechanical opening system.

Tipmatic Soft-close

One unit. All weight classes.

In contrast to other systems, Tipmatic Soft-close can make do with only one opening unit for all handle-free applications - regardless of the weight and size of the furniture front. This is made possible by the three-stage adjustable opening force, which perfectly adapts the movement to the respective application.

Tipmatic Soft-close

Large activation zone.

The large activation zone guarantees the highest operating comfort. Part of our series as standard, the synchronisation rod is simply clicked into the Tipmatic units directly on the left and right.

The graphic shows the activation zone with the synchronisation rod, with a continuous front gap of 2.5 millimetres.

Tipmatic Soft-close

Intelligently solved.

The Tipmatic Soft-close unit is attached to the standard slide and can be easily retrofitted. Together with the integrated depth adjustment and the adjustable opening force, this reduces storage complexity. Sounds simple, and it is.

Tipmatic Soft-close

The special features make Tipmatic Soft-close one of the world's most successful opening systems for handle-free drawers.

Available for the drawer systems Vionaro V8, Vionaro 13, Nova Pro and the concealed slide system Dynapro.

3-stage adjustable opening force.

An opening unit for all applications, regardless of the weight and size of the furniture front.

Mechanical opening system.

Handle-free opening and gentle closing without electronics.

Large activation zone.

By using retrofit synchronisation, error-free activation is possible across almost the entire front.

Small front gap of 2.5 mm.

Tool-free depth adjustment. Adjustment range -1/+3 mm.

Easy installation of the Tipmatic unit.

The mechanical opening system is simply attached to the standard slide and can be retrofitted at any time.

No machining of the bottom panel.

The flat design of the opening unit eliminates the need for machining of the bottom panel.

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