Maximum stability. Integrated damping. Pure design.

A masterpiece is usually the sum of small strokes of genius. Tiomos is the best example of this.

Engineering skill at the highest level.

Timeless design.

Every detail and function has been completely redesigned and redeveloped from the bottom up. The result is an elegant hinge system that easily meets all technical and functional requirements and creates a sensation with special product details.


Soft-close inside.

The entire damper system is concealed within the hinge arm. The result is a compelling design language for all applications. Whether with or without damping.

Perfectly adjusted.

In addition to the many functional features, one of the outstanding features of the hinge system is the integrated soft-close damping, which can be adjusted in three stages. As a result, the closing process is smooth and seamless in every phase of movement. And all this from an opening angle of just 30°.

Light and Night. Tiomos Night.

Tiomos series hinges in the Night colour option provide the perfect match for this furniture design aesthetic.


Overall aspiration.

Whether glass, mirror or thin doors, aluminium frame doors, corner cabinet hinges or hinges for mitred applications, Tiomos offers the perfect movement for almost every application.

Tiomos M series. One system. Three applications.

Complete damping comfort for glass and mirror doors. In addition to the clever fastening technology that ensures firm and stable support, Tiomos Mirro is an elegant solution for mirror and glass doors that combines all the benefits of the proven Tiomos hinge generation.

Tiomos M9.

Maximum stability, integrated damping, minimalist design. Tiomos M9 combines all the advantages of the Tiomos hinge series for thin furniture doors.

Tiomos M0.

Tiomos M0 enables the use of thin materials such as aluminium and underlines the aspiration of the Tiomos range to cover all applications.

And many more Tiomos hinges.


Why Tiomos?

3D adjustment:

Easy adjustment of the furniture doors thanks to the depth, height and overlay adjustment integrated in the hinge arm.

Easy opening despite 30 % more damping force.

Continuous improvements have increased the damping force by up to 30 percent since the product was launched. In interaction with the higher locking force, which is precisely matched to the damping, furniture doors can still be opened extremely easily

Perfection is not visible, but noticeable.

LGA certification defines the industry standard, with up to 80,000 movement cycles being tested. That is not enough to meet our high requirements so GRASS Tiomos tests hinges with up to 100,000 cycles.

Smallest gap and reveal values.

Optimised movement enables the smallest gap dimensions of up to 0.9 mm and ensure modern alignment.

Door overlay up to 24 mm.

Door thicknesses between 12 and 26 mm can be covered with a single hinge type. Doors up to 24 mm can be fully supported.

Three-stage damping adjustment.

Another highlight is the gradually adjustable Soft-close damping, which has the entire damping technology fully concealed within the hinge arm.


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Crystal clear. But I have a question.


Tiomos Hidden

Tiomos H is the first GRASS hinge to be fully recessed into the cabinet.


Flap hinge

The perfect duo for drinks compartment flaps. Kinvaro D and Tiomos flap hinge.