The magic of electronics.

Handle-free drawers can be opened electronically and closed mechanically damped - this is ease of movement MOVED BY GRASS. A gentle tap is all that is needed to set drawers in motion.

Sensomatic's discreet opening unit is mounted invisibly behind the drawer and ensures maximum functional comfort.

Regardless of the drawer side height, the electronic opening system always ensures the same, aesthetic movements - opening furniture has never been more beautiful.


Comfort you can feel.

Action. Reaction. Interaction. Comfort couldn't be more fascinating. With the Sensomatic touch-activated automatic system, a gentle tap is all that is needed to set regular and pot drawers in motion.

Mechanical tapping or pulling is converted into an electrical signal, which starts the movement within a few fractions of a second. SMOOTH, PRECISE AND ELEGANT AT THE SAME TIME. Sensomatic in combination with Soft-close, the mechanical damping system, ensures operating comfort at the highest level. This is because the two systems combine all the advantages of handle-free opening with the elegance of a damped closing mechanism.


The best thing that can happen to your drawers.

While you dream of holidays, a new car, or a new pair of shoes, your drawers secretly wish they were Sensomatic drawers.

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