Nova Pro One.

The little brother of Nova Pro Scala is the new number 1 when it comes to a compact range, performance proven millions of times over and maximum differentiation.


With light reflector.

Nova Pro One plays with light. The angled surface of the new drawer design virtually serves as a light reflector, giving your drawers a wonderfully new look.


Nova Pro One contains the best of Nova Pro – as a concentrate.

Exceptionally easy opening, excellent running characteristics, minimum drawer deflection and outstanding reliability. Nova Pro One is a newcomer with special features.

The complexity minimiser.

We had to invent a new word to describe Nova Pro One. Because the new drawer system is able to meet all the requirements of modern furniture construction with just three variants.

Therefore, Nova Pro One is the ideal entry into the Nova Pro universe.


One drawer side that is two.


3 squares as recognition mark.

Nova Pro One offers another special feature: a distinctive decorative punching with three squares that also allow the branding clip to be attached.


Elegant. With and without branding clip.

The fact that you can use Nova Pro One both with and without the branding clip makes everyday life easier in many ways. This small detail provides more flexibility and also creates another option for differentiation.


Opening and closing with fun factor.

Thanks to the mechanically synchronised slide rails, your Nova Pro One moves without annoying noises or resistance. It seems to float silently. This elegantly smooth movement makes opening and closing Nova Pro One drawers a special experience. Day after day.


The window to the world can be retrofitted.

Some love glass drawers, others categorically reject them. If you are one of these lovers, you can retrofit the Nova Pro One glass add-on at any time. Just clip it in between drawer side and railing without tools.


Under the sign of the benchmark.

The name Nova Pro is a promise. Just like GRASS. That's why you can also rely on perfect movement design and the highest quality moved by GRASS with Nova Pro One.


There are countless good reasons.

Nova Pro One is a great drawer system that you can expect to work perfectly from the first to the last day. That's what we mean by reliable performance. For as long as the furniture lasts.

Offers everything that makes Nova Pro stand out – as a concentrate.

Exceptionally easy opening, excellent running characteristics, minimum drawer deflection and outstanding reliability. In addition, Nova Pro One can be combined with Soft-close, all opening systems and Tavinea interior accessories.

A compact range for maximum efficiency with minimum complexity.

Fully compatible with Nova Pro Scala.

New drawer design that plays with light.

The angled surface of the new drawer serves as a kind of light reflector, giving your drawers a new look.

Unique running characteristics.

The mechanically synchronised drawer system is famous for its weightless operation without intrusive noise or resistance.

Movement technology with a proven track record.

Nova Pro is one of the most successful double-wall full-extension slides in the world. And Nova Pro One offers the same movement technology.

One-piece solid metal drawer side.

Nova Pro One is a pure metal drawer side. Without plastic elements. All components are connected to each other using the latest laser welding technology.

100 % recyclable.

High-tech made in Austria.

Nova Pro Scala is a branded product manufactured in Austria.

Holistic drawer platform for maximum differentiation.


Discover the revolution in colours. Nova Pro One offers new types of powder coatings and high-tech surfaces for more climate protection. Choose from our three standard colours.

Standard colours


Standard colours


Standard colours


Nova Pro One


No other drawer system offers you more options for reducing complexity.


Nova Pro One comfort systems. To make your everyday life a pleasure.

Handle-free Nova Pro drawers opened by lightly tapping or closed with gentle damping or both combined - our opening and damping systems, with their proven track record, make opening and closing your drawers a pleasure.

Soft-close inside.

Close Nova Pro One gently.



You can't open handle-free drawers more elegantly: electronically assisted with Sensomatic.

The Nova Pro platform.

Whether you prefer the compact range of Nova Pro One or the diversity of Nova Pro Scala, the unique Nova Pro platform allows you to combine both systems for maximum differentiation.


Find the perfect interior accessories for Nova Pro One.

TAVINEA offers carefully thought-out and lovingly designed internal dividing systems to organise your Nova Pro drawers.


Tavinea Sorto.

Everything perfectly sorted.


Tavinea Optima

Everything in its place. Optimally secured.


When you choose Nova Pro One, you don't get a drawer, you get a Nova Pro – the best drawer in the world.

Discover Nova Pro One.

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