Interior accessory

Tavinea Optima.

Aluminium profiles for high drawers.

Added value

Everything in its place. Optimally secured.

The flexible aluminium profiles allow you to divide high drawers crosswise as required. This not only allows drawers to be organised, but also ensures optimal use of storage space.


Plates, pots, lids, pans, bottles, cans - high drawers in particular are very often home to bulky utensils that are difficult to place in any unit configuration. Great then that a partitioning system exists that can be perfectly adapted to stored items: TAVINEA Optima. By simply clipping on additional smartboards, high drawers can be subdivided with even greater effect. In short, With TAVINEA Optima, everything is optimally secured in high drawers.


With each opening and closing, the contents of your drawers move. Great then that you can rely on everything still being where it should on next opening.

A spring device inside the profiles makes it possible to position the cross-sections, just 8 mm thin, freely within the drawer and, where desired, to clamp between the drawer sides with no slipping. This ensures that your small and large stored items remain well secured in their dedicated places at all times.


Optima fits in all drawers moved by GRASS.

TAVINEA internal dividers and GRASS drawers are made for each other. The shape, dimensions, material and colour are perfectly matched.

Vionaro V8

Vionaro V13

Nova Pro Scala

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