This is how we are.

What distinguishes us from others? What are we like as an employer? The answers to this are deeply rooted in the GRASS DNA.







Foresight and pioneering spirit.

We aren't waiting for the future.

We are designing it. We're always thinking about movement

design and take a considered approach, with determination and spiritedness. We listen and observe, analyse market changes and track current trends. With our pioneering spirit, we develop tailor-made strategies for the future at an early stage. For our customers and for the success of our company.

For us that means

We think ahead and develop the right strategies for the future.

We are forward thinkers. Are you?

You are open to new things and think outside of rigid boxes. You are a visionary who thinks beyond the norm.

Perfect. Because we make decisions carefully and responsibly. As an attentive observer, you keep a firm eye on competitors, customer needs and social developments. And the most important thing: You are determined and bold when it comes to implementation.

Heart and soul.

Putting our heart and soul into it.

With passion, joy and enthusiasm, we at GRASS set great things in motion, day after day. GRASS is seen as the most emotive brand in our industry and this is as a result of every one of our employees. Our goal: Making perfect movement design tangible.

We love what we do

Our drive? Enthusiasm.

Where joy is contagious.

Are you passionate and genuine? Would you like to dedicate your time to special projects? Are you ambitious and never like to compromise?

With such qualities, you're the perfect fit for us. Together, with dedication and joy, we’ll set something special in motion. As a team, we are unmistakable and our enthusiasm is contagious. Get a taste of it for yourself.

Innovative excellence.

You can rely on our innovations.

Whether new technologies, manufacturing processes, movement systems or services: For us, successful innovations are the result of a structured approach. Our goal is to create an innovation cycle that is cleverly adapted to our corporate structure and intelligently managed. The focus is always on the needs and wishes of consumers, customers and business partners.

True innovation

We know how to turn creative ideas into successful products.

For us, innovation is not just a word.

Do you think about implementation when it's still just an idea? Do you know what makes your target group tick? Do you want to help solve problems?

It’s an ideal. Because real innovation needs people like you. Help us develop excellent movement solutions that are not only new, but truly innovative. Do you know what it means to innovate? Show us you have what it takes and become a part of our future.

A clear focus.

We don't let ourselves be distracted.

We have a goal that we are guided by. To achieve it, we focus on the essentials and

we implement things methodically. In all our decisions, we ask ourselves: Will this take us in the direction we want to go? This lets us quickly see what gets us closer and what doesn't.

Our formula for success

We know what needs to be done and we implement it methodically.

Always keeping an eye on the goal.

Are you results-oriented? Do you know how to set priorities? Can you think strategically while being pragmatic at the same time?

If you have these qualities, you'll be perfect in our team. Because a clear focus helps us consistently move closer to our goals. Take the first step and apply.

To be the best.

We want to be the best.

Our aim is to get that bit better every day. To do so, we at GRASS have ambitious people with extraordinary characteristics. Together, we get the most out of ourselves and develop products that are unprecedented in our industry. This makes GRASS synonymous with outstanding movement design.

What we believe in

If everyone gives their best, we are unbeatable.

More than just perfect.

Are you ambitious and quality-conscious? Do you believe in yourself and in the success of your team? Do you have a constant urge to make progress?

At GRASS, you have the opportunity. We are strong in character, highly motivated and oriented towards the highest demands of the market. This attitude lets us do impressive work – in the company, in the industry and for our customers

The green family.

WE are what makes us strong.

Whether in research, development, marketing or production – at GRASS, teamwork is in demand. We demonstrate trust and appreciation across all divisions and across all hierarchies. Because we know: Pioneering innovations and unique product solutions can only emerge in a particular company culture.

Make a difference together

We aren't changing the world as lone fighters, but as a team.

Become part of a bigger whole.

Do you like working as a team? Are you reliable and open? Would you like to be in a familial environment that offers individuality and diversity?

Then GRASS is the right place for you. Become part of our green family and get an idea of our unique company culture. Learn what it means to inspire each other and work together constructively. Creating solutions with maximum effectiveness.

Your job at GRASS.

We are GRASS.