Moved by GRASS

Our best reference is the furniture of our customers.

Together with our customers, we design the furniture of the future. This is a wonderful task, since we supply the most renowned furniture manufacturers in the world – star Italian designers, fully automated volume manufacturers and innovative furniture manufacturers. GRASS makes the difference.

Extraordinary Furniture Design

For us, excellent motion design means developing outstanding product solutions that inspire the best furniture designers in the world to come up with new, creative designs. Here are a few selected masterpieces, projects and brands MOVED BY GRASS.


The new, consciously minimal, architectural kitchen is an exhibit of the "Extraordinary Furniture Design" collection.


The "Midnight" masterpiece reflects the unique design style of Giorgio Armani and combines it with original technical solutions.


6023 and Vionaro V8 demonstrate just how well a kitchen design and movement system can work together.


Our client ROTPUNKT was selected to equip every apartment in the UN17 Village project with kitchens moved by GRASS.

Vionaro V8 @ HÄCKER

Experience GRASS 'live'.

If you’d like to experience the 8 millimetre thin Vionaro V8 drawer 'in the flesh', go to to find a dealer near you.

Slim Drawer System

Vionaro V8.

The world's only recyclable steel drawer. 8 millimetres thin with up to 16% more storage space.

Extraordinary Furniture Design.

The best furniture in the world is moved by GRASS.