Here we present a masterpiece from the 2023 collection by LEICHT Küchen: Contino Ξ12. The new, consciously minimal, architectural kitchen is an exhibit of the "Extraordinary Furniture Design moved by GRASS" collection, a unique collection of our customers' contemporary furniture pieces.

Contino Ξ12

Contino Ξ12 | by LEICHT

The minimalist architectural kitchen.

With Contino Ξ12, LEICHT are redefining the traditional understanding of kitchen and space. Thanks to reduced material thicknesses in combination with the V8 drawer, which is just 8 millimetres thin, Contino Ξ12 creates an extremely sophisticated kitchen architecture and gives handle-free kitchens a very attractive, straight-line aesthetic.

The incredible idea behind the new LEICHT collection is to interpret the home as a holistic design canvas across its individual zones. A free-standing, walk-in cube and an adjacent island enable open kitchen and living space planning that harmoniously combines horizontal and vertical lines as well as functional and homely elements.


LEICHT creates spaces for well-being in the centre of the home - and in the heart of life. Representative and inviting. In harmony with individual lifestyles and the surrounding architecture. Timeless yet simultaneously modern in colour and design language, sophisticated in material and equipment, consistent in quality and function.


"Of the German kitchen brands, LEICHT is the most Italian", says Harald Klüh, GRASS Global Brand Manager, describing his perception of the kitchen manufacturer from Waldstetten, near Stuttgart. "The name LEICHT stands for the power to innovate, for individuality, high quality and an international, contemporary style of living". The roots of LEICHT go back to the "mechanical carpenter's shop for furniture and shop fitting" founded in 1928 by the LEICHT brothers in their hometown of Schwäbisch Gmünd. That shop grew into a company which, while down-to-earth, also sets trends in sophisticated modern kitchen architecture. LEICHT is function, elegance and harmony. And LEICHT is at home anywhere in the world. In over 55 countries. With an export share of around 60%, the name LEICHT is synonymous the world over for "Made in Germany" kitchen culture. Exclusive showrooms represent the brand in the world's major cities. International architects and planners implement the philosophy of the LEICHT kitchen in their designs.

For more than 15 years, LEICHT kitchens have been moved by GRASS. And with Vionaro V8, our long-standing innovation partnership is entering its next decade.


The reduced material thickness of the front is carried consistently over into the drawer system. The delicate aesthetics of the metal sides, which are just 8 mm thick, are bolstered by the dark colour tone of the drawer system and cabinet.

Photo: Peter Schumacher | LEICHT


V8 is the ideal drawer for Contino Ξ12. The minimalist aesthetics of the GRASS drawer, just 8 millimetres thin, carry over the reduced material thickness of the front into the drawer system.

Stefan Waldenmaier


Photo: Peter Schumacher | LEICHT

LEICHT has always considered the kitchen to be a space that melts into the living areas around it. LEICHT collections therefore include holistic solutions for all interior architectural requirements when designing such spaces.

Designing functional and living spaces as a single unit is one of the fundamental principles of LEICHT. Contino Ξ12 is the perfect demonstration of how harmoniously this philosophy can be implemented into living spaces.

The combination of cool, technical and warm elements creates pleasant contrasts while the honesty of the materials is reassuring.

Photo: Peter Schumacher | Leicht

Vionaro V8 @ LEICHT

Experience V8 'in the flesh'.

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Vionaro V8.

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